What is the JPAQ?

The JPAQ is the Joines Personality Adaptation Questionnaire, developed by Vann Joines, Ph.D. to assess the six universal personality adaptations we develop in childhood as a result of our interactions with our parents and significant others. The concept of Personality Adaptations was first conceived by Paul Ware, MD a psychiatrist in Shreveport, LA, and Taibi Kahler, Ph.D., a psychologist in Little Rock, AR. Vann Joines, Ph.D. a psychologist in Chapel Hill, NC added additional information. The basic idea is that there are just so many ways an individual can adapt as a child in order to survive psychologically and to meet the expectations of one’s parents. As children, we all developed the adaptations that worked best in our family of origin. Dr. Ware identified six core personality adaptations using traditional titles. Since these are adaptive rather than pathologic, Dr. Joines gave them descriptive names to represent both the positive and negative aspects of each. The six adaptations are:

  • Creative-Daydreamer
  • Charming-Manipulator
  • Brilliant-Skeptic
  • Playful Resister
  • Responsible Workaholic
  • Enthusiastic-Overreactor

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JPAQ Training and Workshops

Certification Program in Personality Focused Treatment

The Southeast Institute is pleased to announce we are offering a new certification program in Personality Focused Treatment (PFT). Learn about Level I and Level II training.

Introductory Workshop

PFT Level I covers the basic theory of personality adaptations, how they develop, how they relate to other people and problem solving, the contact doors, what you see with different combinations, how you can work best with each adaptation, and much more.

PFT Supervision

This is a 6-session supervision seminar in which each participant will teach two of the personality adaptations in depth and how to treat them with direct feedback and supervision.